1. Axial Shear Strain Imaging
  2. Cardiac Strain Imaging
  3. Nanoindentation of RF Ablation
  4. Shear Wave Imaging
  5. SIS-Based Strain Imaging
  6. Carotid Plaque Imaging
  7. Temperature Imaging
  • Axial shear strain imaging for breast cancer.
    Axial shear strain
  • Cardiac strain imaging.
    Cardiac strain imaging
  • Nanoindentation of RF ablation.
    Nanoindentation of RF ablation
  • Shear wave imaging with electrode vibration.
    Shear wave imaging
  • SIS-based strain imaging.
    SIS-based strain imaging
  • Strain imaging in atherosclerotic plaque.
    Strain imaging in atherosclerotic plaque
  • Temperature imaging in porcine kidney in-vivo.
    Temperature imaging

Our laboratory's research focus is the development of novel elasticity imaging techniques, quantitative ultrasound and clinical applications based on these approaches. We have developed elasticity imaging techniques for monitoring minimally invasive ablative therapies, shear wave imaging, normal and shear strain estimation with beam steered data, vulnerable plaque characterization, arterial stiffness measurements, cardiac elastography, uterine and cervical strain imaging and parametric imaging of quantitative ultrasound features. Please contact Professor Varghese for more information.

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