Faculty and students in the Department of Medical Physics have a rich history of inventing technologies and spinning off those inventions into start-up ventures outside of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. To date, more than 25 companies have been launched by the Department of Medical Physics faculty and students. Currently, approximately 1/3 of the faculty are actively engaged in start-ups, with about 20 invention disclosures filed per year and about 10 patents awarded annually. As such, the Department of Medical Physics has the highest per faculty entrepreneurial record of any part of the university.

Building on this phenomenal track-record, the Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program is designed to be the premier entrepreneurial experience in medical physics, ensuring that inventions and discoveries developed in our burgeoning research programs become tools that help improve healthcare and fundamentally transform what is possible today.

Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program

Medical Physics Related Companies

AIQ Solutions
DoseOptics LLC
Gammex - now Sun Nuclear
Leo Cancer Care
National Electrostatics Corporation
Neuwave - now Johnson & Johnson
Shine Technologies
Tomotherapy - now Accuray
Standard Imaging