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The research mission of the Department of Medical Physics is to develop solutions for accurate diagnosis and optimized treatment of human disease. Our faculty and staff provide comprehensive graduate and residency medical physics education, and their research improves human health by developing accurate, sensitive, and safe medical imaging techniques, systems for precision treatment of disease, and advanced imaging techniques for early, non-invasive assessment of treatment efficacy.

Andrew Alexander, PhD MRI
Bryan Bednarz, PhD Image Guided Therapy
Radiation Therapy
Walter Block, PhD MRI
Image Guided Therapy
Weibo Cai, PhD Molecular Imaging
Image Guided Therapy
Paul Campagnola, PhD Optical Imaging
Guang-Hong Chen, PhD X-ray/CT Imaging
Brad Christian, PhD Molecular ImagingNuclear Medicine
Wes Culberson, PhD Radiation Therapy Metrology
Doug Dean, PhD MRI
Larry DeWerd, PhD Radiation Therapy Metrology
Kevin Eliceiri, PhD Optical Imaging
Paul Ellison, PhD Molecular Imaging
Nuclear Medicine
Marina Emborg, MD, PhD Nuclear Medicine
Jon Engle, PhD Nuclear Medicine
Carri Glide-Hurst, PhD MRI
Image Guided Therapy
Tim Hall, PhD Ultrasound
Image Guided Therapy
Reinier Hernandez, PhD Molecular Imaging
Nuclear Medicine
Diego Hernando, PhD MRI
Robert Jeraj, PhD Image Guided Therapy
Molecular Imaging
Nuclear Medicine
Kevin Johnson, PhD MRI
Ke Li, PhD X-ray/CT Imaging
Alan McMillan, PhD Molecular Imaging
Beth Meyerand, PhD MRI
Marty Pagel, PhD Contrast Agent Molecular Engineering Lab
Brian Pogue, PhD Optical Imaging
Image Guided Therapy
Frank Ranallo, PhD X-ray/CT Imaging
Ivan Rosado-Mendez, PhD Ultrasound
Melissa Skala, PhD Optical Imaging
Mike Speidel, PhD X-ray/CT Imaging
Image Guided Therapy
Tim Szczykutowicz, PhD X-Ray/CT Imaging
Tomy Varghese, PhD Ultrasound
Ron Wakai, PhD Biomagnetism
Oliver Wieben, PhD MRI