Kevin M. Johnson

Credentials: PhD

Position title: Associate Professor, Medical Physics and Radiology


1133 WIMR

Kevin Johnson is a primary advisor in the Department of Medical Physics.


BS, Biomedical Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

MS, Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

PhD, Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI

Department Affilations

Medical Physics


Research Interests

Extened Webpage

In the past several decades, major advances have been made in all of the commonly utilized medical imaging modalities such that imaging now plays an integral role in disease diagnosis, treatment planning, and therapy monitoring. With rapid advances in disease etiology, imaging must continue its evolution into a more quantitative, functional, and cellular tool. This is particularly true of MRI which for all its potential, and despite tremendous hardware improvements, remains constricted by it slow speed, low detection sensitivity, and imaging inaccuracies. Due to these factors, MRI is often not utilized for diseases in which it could provide superior diagnostic and prognostic information, and is rarely used for quantitative imaging. It is my aim to enable the potential of MRI by accelerating acquisition speed, removing ambiguities and artifacts, and providing novel techniques for disease quantification. Through these advances, I aim to help develop a new era of quantitative and molecular imaging across a broad spectrum of diseases. Some research interests include:

  • MR pulse sequence development, non-Cartesian and non-Fourier imaging
  • Signal encoding and decoding, sampling theory, recovery from incomplete samples
  • Motion robust imaging, free breathing MRI, motion sensing
  • Macro and micro vascular remodeling, perfusion, flow
  • Improving the MRI experience for patients


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