Committee for Recognizing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Medical Physics (REDI)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Committee for Recognizing Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Medical Physics (REDI) is to foster and build community within the Medical Physics Department by raising awareness and facilitating conversations which aim to encourage diversity and inclusion. The committee is led by medical physics graduate students with the support of the department.

More information about diversity initiatives happening at the university level can be found at the Creating Community homepage.

Upcoming Events

The student-led Committee on Recognizing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Medical Physics (REDI) is once again hosting a Book Club this fall! REDI is once again excited to facilitate this book club and offer a space for faculty, staff and students to discuss and shed light on ways we as individuals and as a group can promote inclusivity in UW-Medical Physics.

Book Club meeting time: 11:00am – 12:00pm

Webex link:

Reading schedule

Past Events

In summer 2020, REDI hosted a virtual Town Hall to have an open and honest discussion around equality and racism in medical physics, identify ways in which individuals can educate themselves and become greater advocates for marginalized peers, and begin to develop a plan for the department and research groups moving forward. REDI plans to host regular town halls and will be guiding new policies to foster inclusion in medical physics.



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Mentoring Committee

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