Student research shines in annual medical physics research symposium

On Thursday, January 18, medical physics graduate students spent the afternoon presenting their research at our annual medical physics research symposium which consists of two events – the radiological sciences training grant symposium and a student research poster event.

The afternoon kicked off with invited alumnus speaker, Paul Ellison, PhD, who presented, “Cyclotron production, radiochemical synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel theranostic radiopharmaceuticals.” Our nine radiological sciences trainees each presented updates in their research and we also heard from invited guest speaker Dr. Joseph Culver from Washington University School of Medicine.

In the afternoon 30 graduate students gave poster presentations with three posters receiving top awards.

From left to right: Laura Castañeda Martínez, Aubrey Parks, Jeremy Hallett

1st place – Aubrey Parks, Monte Carlo Modeling of Cherenkov Emission Effects from Tissue due to Beam, Particle, Incidence, and Detector Variations
2nd place – Laura Castañeda Martínez, Quantitative microstructural evaluation of the neonatal brain
3rd place – Jeremy Hallett, Computational Methods for Improved Cherenkov Imaging