List of trainees

Below is a list of all training grant trainees, past and present.

NameAdvisorProject/DissertationDate Appointed
Alexander RemsikDr. Brian PogueBrain-Computer Interface in Brain Cancer Treatment11/14/2023
Lucky VoletyDr. Ali PirastehDevelopment of Novel MRI Techniques for Focal and Whole Body Tumor Detection9/1/2023
William ThomasDr. Brian PogueExamining Radiobiological differences in ASPC-1 Cancer cells under Ultra-high dose rate and Conventional Radiotherapy9/1/2023
Hayley WhitsonDr. Timothy HallIn-Vivo Quantitative Ultrasound Scattering Measurements of Liver Steatosis Using Regularized Methods9/1/2023
Kendall BarrettDr. Jon EngleDevelopment of radio-labeled [5xMn]MnCl2 and [5xMn]Mangafodipir-Trisodium for dual-modality diagnostic imaging of pancreatic and liver cancer7/1/2023
Meltem UyanikDr. Alan McMillan Simultaneous PET/MRI of Diffuse Gliomas Using 68Ga-FAPI2/27/2023
Nicholas SummerfieldDr. Carri Glide-HurstImplementing cutting-edge deep learning techniques to cardiac segmentation, namely implementing a first-of-kind UNEt+TRansformer (UNETR) algorithm and applying the techniques to a cancer patient cohort 9/1/2022
Muhsin YounisDr. Weibo CaiTo develop novel techniques/agents for imaging and therapy of cancer and other diseases8/1/2022
Jessica HsuDr. Weibo CaiTargeted, X-ray responsive nanoparticles for improved RT planning and treatment efficacy in breast cancer8/1/2022
Emily SheltonDr. Paul CampagnolaDeveloping a combined theoretical and experimental approach to use the SHG spatial emission pattern of SHG to investigate the collagen fibril assembly in ovarian cancer2/1/2022
Zachary RosenkransDr. Reinier Hernandez11/21/2021
Collin BueloDr. Diego HernandoDevelopment of a Deep Learning-based Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping Method for Liver Iron Quantification9/1/2021
Kaelyn BeckerDr. Jon EngleCyclotron production of radioscandium from enriched calcium targets for cancer imaging applications9/1/2021
Kevin TrebDr. Ke LiDevelopment of a photon counting C-arm prototype system for image-guided interventions9/1/2021
Joseph WhiteheadDr. Michael SpeidelAdvanced X-ray Imaging Techniques for Hepatic Arterial Blood Velocity Measurement7/1/2021
Jose Guerrero GonzalezDr. Andrew AlexanderMultidimensional diffusion MRI with multivariate analyses for the investigation of tissue microscopic heterogeneity in brain cancer tumors11/1/2020
Lawrence LechugaDr. Oliver WiebenDevelopment and Translation of Fluorine-19 MRI for Lymphocyte Tracking 10/1/2020
Jason MixdorfDr. Paul Ellison6/1/2020
Ian MarshDr. Bryan BednarzTreatment Planning for Immunomodulatory Radiopharmaceutical Therapy10/1/2019
Aeli OlsonDr. Jon EngleDevelop production capabilities through increasing target beam capacity, implementing enriched 119Sn target material, increasing chemical separation and radioantimony retention, all the while maintaining a chelatable radioantimony species.10/1/2019
Austin BazydloDr. Andrew AlexanderAssociations of White Matter Microstructure to Memory Processes: Insights for Neuroplasticity and Cognitive Decline9/1/2019
Cole CookDr. Mary MeyerandToward the Clinical Implementation of Spectral Dynamic Causal Modeling: An Investigation into Slice Timing, Temporal Filtering, and Neurosurgical Planning9/1/2019
Eduardo Aluicio SarduyDr. Jon Engle8/1/2019
Daniel HuffDr. Robert JerajTowards a risk-benefit optimized clinical decision support framework for immune-checkpoint inhibitor-treated metastatic melanoma12/1/2018
Robert PohlmanDr. Tomy Varghese12/1/2018
Paul BegovatzDr. Sean Fain9/1/2018
Alexander AntolakDr. John Bayouth5/1/2018
Leonard Che FruDr. Larry DeWerdMeasurement of hemoglobin oxygen saturation in tissue with an optical device5/1/2018
Emily EhlerdingDr. Weibo CaiMolecular Imaging for Personalized Cancer Immunotherapy9/1/2017
Camille Garcia-RamosDr. Mary MeyerandGraph Theory on Neuroanatomical and Neurofunctional Development in New-Onset Pediatric Epilepsy6/1/2017
Kai LudwigDr. Sean FainDevelopment of quantitative magnetic resonance imaging techniques for cellular tracking and measuring organ function5/1/2017
Sabrina HoffmanDr. Bryan BednarzInvestigation of a DNA Damage Response Protein Targeted Meitner-Auger Electron Emitting Theranostic for Ovarian Cancer5/1/2017
Carson HoffmanDr. Oliver WiebenQuantitative Post-Processing Techniques for Angiographic Imaging 5/1/2017
Annie MalkusDr. Sean FainCan Diffusion Weighted MRI Delineate Microstructural Dimensions in Inflammatory Lung Disease?5/1/2017
Tobey BetthauserDr. Bradley ChristianInvestigation of Novel Positron Emission Tomography Radioligands for In Vivo Characterization of Alzheimer's Disease Pathophysiology4/1/2016
Quinton GuerreroDr. Timothy HallOn the Use of the Rhesus Macaque Model for Ultrasonic Backscatter Parameters in the Human Cervix1/1/2016
Kirby CampbellDr. Paul CampagnolaTrue 3D Second Harmonic Generation Imaging and Optical Scattering Determination for Detecting Fibrillary Collagen Alterations in Ovarian Cancer12/1/2015
Stephanie HarmonDr. Robert JerajMolecular Imaging Biomarkers of Prostate and Lung Cancers11/1/2015
Michael PinkertDr. Kevin EliceiriTools for multiscale imaging of collagen fiber organization9/1/2015
Timothy ColganDr. Scott ReederAlgorithms and Calibration Techniques for High Resolution Microwave Breast Imaging8/12/2015
Andrew ShepardDr. Bryan BednarzAn ultrasound-based motion management system utilizing 2D/3D real-time tracking for use in radiotherapy6/1/2015
Samantha SimieleDr. Larry DeWerdAdvancements in Electronic Brachytherapy Dosimetry Methods1/1/2015
Kayvan SamimiDr. Tomy VargheseQuantitative Ultrasound Imaging During Ablation Procedures1/1/2015
Stephen GravesDr. Robert NicklesProduction and Applications of Long-Lived Positron-Emitting Radionuclides1/1/2015
Christopher EnglandDr. Weibo CaiDevelopment of Novel Antibody-based Agents for Cancer Imaging1/1/2015
Lindsey DrehfalDr. Timothy HallCharacterizing the Human Uterine Cervix using Quantitative Ultrasound and Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy Imaging7/1/2014
David NilesDr. Sean FainMRI Biomarkers for Renal Function and Disease11/1/2013
You Ming YangDr. Bryan BednarzConcurrent Monte Carlo Transport and Fluence Optimization Theory, Development and Applications10/1/2013
Benjamin GrabowDr. Walter BlockMR-Guided Neurological Drug Delivery7/1/2013
Ansel HillmerDr. Bradley ChristianImaging α4β2 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors with [18F]Nifene PET4/1/2013
Samuel AdamsDr. Orhan UnalUltrashort Echo Time (UTE) MRI Techniques for Post Ablation Scar Visualization of Tumors1/1/2013
Jeremy BredfeldtDr. Thomas MackieCollagen Alignment Imaging and Analysis for Breast Cancer Classification11/1/2012
Peter ScullyDr. Robert JerajImaging Biomarkers of Treatment Response: Applications to Clinical Trials10/1/2012
Karissa TilburyDr. Paul CampagnolaSecond Harmonic Generation Imaging of Ovarian Cancer10/1/2012
Andrew HahnDr. Sean FainPulmonary MRI of Ventilation Distribution in Lung Disease10/1/2012
David CamposDr. Michael KissickRadiation Induces Live-Cell Metabolic Fluxes: an In-Vitro Demonstration9/1/2012
Paul EllisonDr. Onofre DeJesusCyclotron Production and Radiochemical Synthesis of Novel PET Tracers4/1/2012
Nicholas RubertDr. Tomy VargheseQuantitative Ultrasound Imaging of Thermal Ablation Therapy in the Liver1/2/2012
Andrew EllisDr. Wolfgang TomeEffects of Respiratory Motion and Risk-Region Misclassification on Subvolume Boosting in Radiotherapy1/1/2012
Matthew BayerDr. Timothy HallUltrasonic Motion Tracking for Large Multi-Step Deformations11/1/2011
Timothy SzczykutowiczDr. Charles MistrettaFluence field modulated computed tomography: Implemented using digital beam attenuation9/1/2011
Regina FulkersonDr. Larry DeWerdDosimetric characterization of surface applicators for use with high dose rate 192Ir and electronic brachytherapy sources3/1/2011
John FlobergDr. Charles MistrettaNovel Denoising methods for Dynamic Positron Emission Tomorgraphy3/1/2011
Nicholas BevinsDr. Guang-Hong ChenX-ray Phase Contrast Imaging: Evaluating Clinical Utility1/1/2011
Dustin WootenDr. Bradley ChristianThe Development of PET Techniques to Study the 5-HT1A System12/1/2010
Eric NordbergDr. Timothy HallInterpreting Acoustic Autocorrelation Functions Through Image Based Simulations11/1/2010
Athena HerediaDr. Doug HendersonDeveloping a Directional High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy Source9/1/2010
Gregory SeverinDr. Robert NicklesCalibration and the Use of a Superconducting Beta Spectrometer7/12/2010
Jonathan EngleDr. Robert NicklesProduction of Electrophilic Radiohalogen PET Synthons: [18F]F2 and [34mCl]ClF1/1/2010
Joseph ZambelliDr. Guang-Hong ChenDesign and Characterization of a Phase Contrast X-ray CT System1/1/2010
Ryan DeWallDr. Tomy VargheseShear Wave Velocity Imaging Using Transient Needle Vibration for Monitoring Thermal Ablative Therapies10/1/2009
Edward BenderDr. Wolfgang TomeNon-Uniform Dose Distributions in Cranial Radiation Therapy10/1/2009
Eric BultmanDr. Scott ReederQuantitative MR imaging: Applications to chronic liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma10/1/2009
David DuncanDr. Timothy HallAcoustics Scattering Theory and Compressed Sensing in Medical Ultrasound9/1/2009
Robert CadmanDr. Sean FainDiffusion-Weighted Helium-3 MRI of the Lung8/3/2009
Noah ArvidsonDr. Wolfgang Tome6/1/2009
Matthew SmithDr. Sean FainInterventional MRI Hardware and Functional Imaging Techniques for Detection and Staging of Cancer6/1/2009
Patrick HillDr. Thomas MackieFan Beam Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy 6/1/2009
Ted FisherDr. Timothy HallAdvancements Towards Real-Time Three Dimensional Ultrasound Elastography9/1/2008
Matt VanderhoekDr. Robert JerajA Comprehensive Methodology For PET-Based Treatment Response Assessment7/1/2008
Nicholas VandeheyDr. Robert NicklesPET Assay of Extrastriatal Dopamine D2/D3 Receptors5/1/2008
Chihwa SongDr. Sean FainBiomedical Image Processing and Analysis11/1/2007
Karl RasmussenDr. Wolfgang TomeOn the Use of Pulsed Reduced Dose Rate for Improvement of the Therapeutic Ratio11/1/2007
David WesterlyDr. Thomas MackieStrategies for Improved Accuracy and Efficiency with Advanced Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Techniques9/7/2007
Adam HechtDr. Thomas MackieGEANT4 Monte Carlo Simulations of Dose from Charged Particle Beams7/23/2007
Maria-Teresa HerdDr. Timothy HallDeformation Compounding as a Method to Improve Quantitative Ultrasound in Small Lesions1/12/2007
Julie RaffiDr. Larry DeWerdDosimetry for Intracavitary Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation with High Dose Rate 192Ir and Electronic Brachytherapy Sources1/1/2007
Maritza HobsonDr. Ernest MadsenProspects for Effective Uterine and Cervical Elastography4/1/2006
John GranerDr. James HoldenOptimization of PET Study Design and Analysis by an Impulse Response Function Approach1/1/2006
Rachel BarbeeDr. Onofre DeJesusKinetic analysis of [18F]FLT, [18F]Fallypride and the environmental neurotoxin [11C]Paraquat in pregnant non-human Primates9/1/2005
Angelica Perez-AndujarDr. Paul DeLucaTheoretical and Experimental Neutron Dose Determination for Proton Therapy Delivery Techniques9/1/2005
Timothy BettsDr. Michael Van LyselMetallic Alloys for Use in Radiographic Phantoms8/1/2005
Lee KiesselDr. Timothy HallEvaluation of a Pressure Sensing Array for use with Ultrasound Strain Imaging7/1/2005
Catherine MoranDr. Walter BlockAccelerated Radial Magnetic Resonance Lesion Characterization12/1/2004
Ryan FlynnDr. Robert JerajA Comparison Of Intensity Modulated X-Ray Therapy To Intensity Modulated proton Therapy For the Delivery Of Non-Uniform Dose Distributions10/1/2004
Michael MeltsnerDr. John VetterDesign and Optimization of a Brachytherapy Robot8/1/2004
Jonathon NyeDr. Robert NicklesProduction Of Radiohalogens and [11C]-Methane at High Specific Activity7/1/2004
Gregory PalmerDr. Nirmala RamanujamExperimental, Computational, and Analytical Techniques for Diagnosing Breast Cancer Using Optical Spectroscopy7/1/2004
Brian NettDr. Charles MistrettaImage Guided Interventions Via Novel Cone-Beam Data Acquisition and Reconstruction Methods3/1/2004
James HolmesDr. Sean FainNon-Invasive Fusion Imaging for Regional Evaluation of Obstructive Lung Disease Using MRI and PET10/1/2003
Kurt StumpDr. Larry DeWerdAbsolute Calorimetric Calibration of Low Engergy Brachytherapy Sources7/1/2003
Miklos KissDr. Tomy VargheseViscoelastic Characterization of in Vitro Uterine and Cervical Tissue7/1/2003
Richard RossDr. Walter PepplerOptimization of X-ray Capillary Optic Arrays for Mammography7/1/2002
Todd BarnhartDr. Robert NicklesRadiotracer Methodology with Applications to Functional PET/TMS 7/1/2002
Timothy StilesDr. Ernest MadsenDiagnostic Ultrasound Exposimetry Using a Tissue-Mimicking Liquid5/1/2001
David EllerbuschDr. John VetterObjective Performance Evaluation Methods Adapted to Helical and Multislice CT Scanner2/1/2001
Anthony GerigDr. James ZagzebskiUltrasonic Scatterer Size Estimation and Imaging with a Clinical Scanner1/1/2001
Michael SpeidelDr. Michael Van LyselPerformance Characteristics of the Scanning-Beam Digital X-ray (SBDX) Cardiac Imaging System11/1/2000
Jennifer SmilowitzDr. Larry DeWerdIntegration of Dose Measurements and Model-Based Treatment Planning Algorithms9/1/2000
Julie LengleDr. Ronald Wakai9/1/2000
David DickDr. Robert NicklesInvestigation of [F-18]Fluoro-L-Thymidine with PET to Assess Radiotherapy Response9/1/2000
Baxter RogersDr. Mary MeyerandFunctional MRI Measurements of Effective Connectivity During Motor Tasks1/1/2000
Jeffrey KapatoesDr. Thomas MackieDelivery Verification and Dose Reconstruction in Tomotherapy9/1/1999
Stephen PetersonDr. Bruce ThomadsenImage-Based Dosimetry of an Implanted Radioactive Stent using Intravascular Ultrasound9/1/1999
Robert AusDr. Bruce ThomadsenThe Calorimetric Measurement of Low Penetrating Brachytherapy Sources9/1/1998
Karl VigenDr. Charles MistrettaImproved Temporal and Spatial Resolution in Time-Resolved Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Angiography9/1/1998
Michael SchuellerDr. Robert NicklesInvestigating H2 140 and 10CO2 as Cerebral Blood Flow Tracers in PET9/8/1997
Thaddeus WilsonDr. James ZagzebskiIn Vivo Frequency Dependent Backscatter Estimations in Liver9/1/1997
Joseph ModrickDr. Bruce ThomadsenLow Energy Photon Dosimetry Using Monte Carlo and Convolution Methods9/1/1996
Michael TaylorDr. Robert NicklesF-18 Labeled Volatile Anesthetics: Synthesis and In Vitro Applications1/12/1996
Gregory WilsonDr. Paul DeLucaNMR Relaxation Time Measurements of 129Xe Dissolved in Tissue and Blood: Toward MR Imaging of Laser-Polarized 129Xe in Tissue1/1/1996
Bryan MockDr. James SorensonDevelopment and Evaluation of Data Collection and Analysis Strategies for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI)1/1/1996
Timothy LeeDr. Paul DeLuca1/1/1996
Kristin WeddingDr. Charles MistrettaA Validation of the Ability of Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Measure Blood Flow in Canine Coronary Arteries9/1/1995
Gregory CronDr. Giles SantyrQuantitative Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Breast1/1/1995
Robert PooleyDr. James HoldenEvaluation of 14(R,S)-[Fluorine-18] Fluoro-6-Thia-Heptadecanoic Acid (FTHA) as a Positron Emission Tomography Fatty Acid Tracer of Beta-Oxidation in the Heart1/1/1995
Rodney MilbrandtDr. Ernest MadsenTissue-Mimicking Phantoms for Performance Testing of 1H Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Brain5/16/1994
Arthur LeutholdDr. Ronald WakaiMagnetic Measurement of the Heart and Brain in the Human Fetus1/1/1994
Mark HolmesDr. William ZarnstorffVariance Reduction Techniques for Monte Carlo Electron Dose Calculations1/1/1994
Terrence OakesDr. Robert NicklesClinical Investigation of the Dopaminergic System with PET and 18F-Fluoro-L-DOPA1/1/1994
Jason PolzinDr. Charles MistrettaMeasurement of Coronary Flow and Flow Reserve Using Phase-Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging1/1/1994
James YangDr. Ernest MadsenA Feasibility Study for Tomotherapy Beam Delivery1/1/1994
Christopher EndresDr. James HoldenKinetics and Metabolism of 18-F Labeled L-DOPA Analog PET Tracers9/1/1993
Eva BakerDr. James SorensonFeature Selection for Segmentation of Medical Images9/1/1993
Wayne NewhauserDr. Paul DeLucaNeutron Kerma Factor Measurements in the 25-MeV to 85-MeV Neutron Energy Range9/1/1993
Stuart SwerdloffDr. James HoldenA Framework for the Study of the Significance of Differences in PET Images: An Objective Method for Quantifying Functional Change6/1/1993
Joshua ReedDr. Larry DeWerdCharacterization of Low-Energy Photon-Emitting Brachytherapy Sources with Modified Strengths for Applications in Focal Therapy
Megan HyunDr. Larry DeWerdImproving Dose Determination Accuracy in Nonstandard Fields of the Varian TrueBeam Accelerator
Alexander ConverseDr. Andrew RobertsNeuroscientific Applications of PET and MRI
Bucky BadgerDr. Bryan Bednarz
Eric SchraubenDr. Oliver Wieben4D Flow MRI Post-Processing Strategies for Neuropathologies
Leah Henze BancroftDr. Walter BlockHigh Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Bilateral Breast Using an Accelerated 3D Radial Trajectory
Martin WagnerDr. Charles MistrettaModel-based Reconstruction of Time Dependent Volumes in Interventional Computed Tomography
Muntasir ShamimDr. Kevin Johnson
Swetha SubramanianDr. Timothy HallThermal Ablation Monitoring Using Ultrasound Echo Decorrelation Imaging
Ian NelsonDr. Bhudatt PaliwalUse of commercially available treatment planning software to optimize Intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) for the treatment of breast cancers at many radiotherapy centers
Michelle QuigleyDr. James SorensonFunctional MRI
Andrew Alexander
Sean FainDr. Charles MistrettaMoving Table Whole Body Magnetic Resonance Angiography
Michael KissickDr. Thomas MackieTomotherapy Dose Delivery Artifacts