Computed Tomography

Dr. Li’s Lab

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To facilitate physicians to fully utilize both the quantum and wave nature of x-rays for the diagnosis and treatment of human diseases.

Our Mission

What We Do

Our lab focuses on the instrumentation of advanced CT and mammographic imaging systems that pick up precious anatomical and physiological information unfortunately ignored by current clinical imaging systems. In particular, we use photon counting technology to resolve the photon energy information encoded in the particle nature side of x-rays. Additionally, we also discipline the chaotic x-ray waves to behave coherently in order to obtain electron density information.


To translate imaging technologies developed in our lab to patient bedside, we have been collaborating with clinical experts in neuroradiology, breast radiology, breast surgery, and pathology at UW, as well as leading manufacturers of CT and breast imaging systems.

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Ke Li, Ph.D.
Telephone: (608) 262-4566