Molecular Imaging Biomarkers

Image Guided Therapy

Understanding tumor heterogeneity, and the related origins and development of treatment resistance

Our mission


The main research focus of our group is to improve cancer treatment by furthering the understanding of treatment resistance and the impact of tumor heterogeneity on treatment response using molecular imaging. We analyze patient data obtained from clinical trials to implement imaging biomarkers describing heterogeneity to understand both the development of treatment resistance and patient survival. Using the clinical trial data we aim to create models, machine-learning or computational, that further the understanding of disease progression.


We collaborate with GE healthcare, AIQ Solutions, and our software development team to create professional versions of our image analysis tools to integrate into GE software packages. We work closely with oncologists, radiologists, statisticians, and computer scientists. We have international collaborations with Argentina, Uruguay, Slovenia, and Australia.

Contact Us


Principal Investigator: Robert Jeraj, Ph.D. Office: WIMR 7033 Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research Department of Medical Physics 1111 Highland Avenue, Room 7003 Madison, WI 53705 Directions Telephone: 608-263-8619 Email:


University of Wisconsin-Madison