Seminar Schedule

Fall 2023

Date Speaker Title
September 11 Brian Pogue, PhD
Bryan Bednarz, PhD
Jean Brittain, PhD
Larry DeWerd, PhD
Entrepreneurship, Startups & Academic Medical Physics
September 18 Randy L. Jirtle, PhD Epigenetics and Human Health
September 25 Kevin Johnson, PhD Quantitative and Functional Vascular Imaging with MRI
October 2 Adam Uselmann, PhD Fluorescence Guided Surgery: Background, Perspectives, and Current Research
October 9 Marjan Boerma, PhD The study of cardiovascular effects of ionizing radiation in multiple animal models
October 16 Brian Zimmerman, PhD Realizing and Disseminating the becquerel in Radionuclide Therapy: Standards and Traceability
October 23 Shelly Lesher, PhD Challenging Public Perceptions of Nuclear Science
October 30 Jon Engle, PhD Small Cyclotron Theranostics
November 6 Shirin Abbasinejad Enger, PhD Innovations in Brachytherapy
November 13 Guang-Hong Chen, PhD From Theoretical Physics to Medical Physics and Future Digital Health: A Personal Account
November 20 Ian Marsh, PhD, and John Floberg, MD, PhD The emerging role of radiopharmaceutical dosimetry in the clinical management of patients with metastatic cancer
November 27 No seminar
December 4 Bryan Bednarz, PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison, title TBA
December 11 Bethany Anderson, MD Clinical Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer: Present Status and Future Directions.